Nacon Daija Brook Universal Fighting Board Mod

My Daija FightstickAfter my love for Fighting Games has been re-kindled a few weeks ago, it was clear that I need a Fightstick again. My old Dreamcast Arcade Stick was so messed up that I looked around for a new model. The choice fell on the Nacon Daija, which I bought for less than 140 Euros thanks to a Cyber-Black-Friday-Thingy offer. The Fightstick is very well built, high weight, easy to open, swappable artwork, rubberized bottom and original Sanwa components. But of course there is also something to complain about: You can’t deactivate the buttons on the right side of the stick. It doesn’t bother you as much while playing, but if you want to put the stick on the table, you can easily activate the buttons. The cable is with it’s 3 meters very long but sadly it is hard wired and can’t be replaced. The last problem is the electronics itself, which according to some tests (Reddit link) has a considerable lag problem. Personally I couldn’t really feel it on my PC, but when you know it’s there… 🙄 I wanted to use the Daija with an adapter on my switch. That would have meant additional delay again so I decided to do the conversion described here. Weiterlesen