Connect to a locked Windows session without knowing the password

One thing first: If you don’t have administrator rights on the system, this won’t get you anywhere! 😉

On WindowsPro I read an interesting article that offers a solution for a very common problem of Windows Admins: Assuming a user has a problem that seems to occur only with his profile. He creates a support case, locks the desktop and hopes that the problem is solved when he comes back to work. How do you get into the session without knowing the password?

WindowsPro had the answer: With PsExec! So I wrote a script for simplicity’s sake. Actually, two scripts. Both doing the same thing.

So download my scripts, PsTools and unpack them next to the script.
The batch- has to be executed as administrator, the powershell script asks for the password after the execution. Next a task manager opens and you can connect to the user session with a right click. Tadaa! 🙂

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